PLAN TO SUCCEED: 90-DAYS Toward Achieving Your Goal

Through this workbook, I will coach you to achieve the foundation you need to achieve any goal. Whether you want to began a new career, write a book, launch a podcast, or start and grow your business, this workbook will walk you through the questions you need to consider, guide you toward task completion, and lead you through reflecting on the actions, skills, and resources that challenged you or led to your success.

This workbook is structured to direct you daily and monthly, while keeping your overall goal the focus. Write in it. Make edits. Duplicate pages to extend beyond 90-days. Add any 1-on-1 coaching session with me, Denise Hill, and I will personally review your goal and help you shed light on areas you may not have considered, but that can ensure your success and goal attainment.

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MY NAME IS MOMMY: Stories of Motherhood and the Lessons it Taught

With motherhood comes many sacrifices. The greatest sacrifice, most often, is to  a woman’s identity. Each mother was first a woman with dreams, goals, and  desires. MY NAME IS MOMMY is a collection of stories from mothers of all  walks of life and the personal lessons they have pulled from their experiences as  mothers and with their mothers. MY NAME IS MOMMY is the first book in a series of SexyMomsROCK  publications. Each offering exemplifies the SexyMomsROCK movement which  focuses on helping mothers reclaim their identity as a purpose-filled woman.  Every story helps ENCOURAGE, EDUCATE, and EMPOWER.


PASS THE MIC: Stories & Lessons from a Life in Radio

What if you were able to hang out with some of your favorite people in music and entertainment? What questions would you ask? What experiences would you have? What insight would they share? PASS THE MIC offers such opportunities through the stories of radio veteran, DENISE HILL. Enjoy her reflection through decades of great encounters with some of music and pop culture's most recognizable figures. With PASS THE MIC, you will learn, laugh and be amazed. Grab all the wisdom you can and enjoy this journey through radio.



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