Deliver Your Message
Whether an executive, sales professional, or public figure, you can sound thoughtful and insightful, and not programmed. Learn how to subtly steer media interviews so they sound like real conversations. I will teach you how to find and manage digital and social media content, which can include practical podcast training, video and vodcast skills; content ideas, filming, editing and broadcasting, writing a great blog post, & how to master social media platforms.

Communicate for Success

Information dissemination, workplace disputes, multi-level miscommunication, and company morale are among the communication challenges that can derail a company and compromise individual and corporate success. I can help you and your team get back on track so the vision is realized and, together, you win.


Speak Your Way to Unlimited Wealth
You will learn how to become the dynamic and compelling speaker you truly want to be. I will teach you all the specifics of developing your message, powerfully presenting, and successfully creating a business and product line that will create revenue, build a brand, and secure wealth.

Develop Your Message

You will develop the components of a speech, utilizing parts of your personal story or position of expertise for a well-crafted and effective presentation. This is perfect training for professional speakers, executives, and public figures.

*Available for 1-on-1 coaching, small group coaching, and corporate trainings for single sessions and series. Click CONTACT ME to inquire or schedule yours TODAY!


Keynote Speaker - Denise will provide powerful, engaging, and entertaining presentations for your conference or event.

Professional Development - Receive informative and customizable trainings to enrich and develop your staff. These services are perfect for, but not limited to, educational and not-for-profit organizations.

Voice-Over & Production - Have your commercials, public service announcements, imaging, or narration performed by seasoned professionals with one-stop copywriting, production, and editing services. Audio & video available.

Marketing & Brand-Building - Gain a complete marketing strategy for your book, music, product, or business complete with traditional media and social media direction that will connect your message to your audience, foster brand recognition, and ensure longevity. 

Denise Hill

Keynote Speaker


Media Trainer

Life Coach


Live Your Dreams
Mixed with some lessons learned from my mentor Les Brown, you will learn my personal formula for success and happiness which include positively charged thoughts, personal guidance, examples, plus an Action Planner to help you create your life’s business plan, focus your thoughts on specific goals, and achieve them all.

9 Principles of Greatness

This is an incredible program for you personally, but this engaging material will also empower your team and empower them with skills and strategies for how to truly achieve short and long-term results and greatness. 

From Pain to Promise

This customizable can be a workshop, a seminar, a conference or a full day of all methods that will address where the mind, body, and spirit have been stuck, and give insight and practical information to help start or aid in the healing process so participants can fully access the divine promises. Attendees will participate in interactive activities, emotionally therapeutic activities, hear dynamic and diverse speakers, as well as be entertained and uplifted by creative artists.​​