How to Use the Media to Build Your Brand and Promote Your Message
Learn what is media vs The Media, how to maximize media's effectiveness for your business, how social media differs and how to use it to build your brand, the importance of word economy, how to approach The Media for exposure, and more.

Deliver a You Best Message
Whether an executive, sales professional, or public figure, you can sound thoughtful and insightful, and not programmed. Learn how to subtly steer media interviews so they sound like real conversations. I will teach you how to find and manage digital and social media content, which can include practical podcast training, video and vodcast skills; content ideas, filming, editing and broadcasting, writing a great blog post, & how to master social media platforms.

Communicate for Success

Information dissemination, workplace disputes, multi-level miscommunication, and company morale are among the communication challenges that can derail a company and compromise individual and corporate success. I can help you and your team get back on track so the vision is realized and, together, you win.


Powerful Presenting
You will learn how to become the dynamic and compelling speaker you truly want to be. I will teach you all the specifics of developing your message, powerfully presenting, and successfully creating a business and product line that will create revenue, build a brand, and secure wealth.

Develop Your Message and Your Story

You will develop the components of a speech, utilizing parts of your personal story or position of expertise for a well-crafted and effective presentation. If you are a professional speaker, executive, public figures, or anyone who wants to impact an audience, this is for you.



​How to Succeed as a Professional Speaker Course

Access to Unlimited Tools for Success Community

Plan to Succeed Workbook

3 Monthly 30-minute 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

Weekly Progress Check-Ins

A 1-Hour Keynote Coaching & Evaluation

30-Minute Product Planning Session

Entry to Succeed as a Speaker Live Training Event



How to Succeed as a Professional Speaker Course

Access to Unlimited Tools for Success Community

Plan to Succeed Workbook

6 Monthly 30-minute 1-on-1 Coaching Session

Weekly Progress Check-Ins

Entry to Succeed as a Speaker Live Training Event

​(Inquire about available monthly payment plans.) 

Denise Hill

Motivational Speaker

Communication Coach

Speaker Trainer