Clients emerge from trainings sounding thoughtful and insightful, not programmed and coached. That's because our sessions go way beyond the here-are-your-three-key-messages approach. Our techniques allow you to subtly steer media interviews so they sound like real conversations, not stilted talking-point memos.


Understanding the mindset of a reporter
Maximizing control during an interview
Steering clear of negativity
Deftly handling controversy
Listening to the questions more effectively
Branding yourself without overtly sellingType your paragraph here.

Known as "The Comm Guru," Denise Hill is an experienced author, broadcaster, media specialist, and communications educator. She has decades of experience helping corporations, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals improve their public speaking, develop and execute their media & marketing strategies, write and create compelling content, and enhance overall human communication effectiveness.  


A high-impact program for leaders, transitioning executives and high-potential leaders who want to rapidly advance their capabilities and drive results for their organization. Our program is practical and focuses in real time on a leader’s critical business challenges. Our unique lens on executive influence helps leaders understand and appreciate the impact of communicative leadership. Executive Coaching includes a comprehensive assessment of a leader’s executive presence and influence giving leaders a snapshot of their strengths and needs, and provides a roadmap towards mastery of the leadership skills proven to build influential leadership.Executive Coaching Outcomes:

Effectively influence decisions to drive business results
Command a room with executive presence
Motivate and inspire people to drive vision and strategy
Communicate to accelerate execution
Strengthen relationships with key colleagues and stakeholders
Build a leadership brand inside/outside the companyType your paragraph here.


Have you ever wondered why you say something, and others just cannot understand what you mean? Why is it hard for you to find the right words to get the response you are seeking from family, friends, or your significant others? Professionally, does it seem like your inability to communicate is holding you back from success? Your anxiety grows at the thought of cold calling or presenting in front of others. Maybe you are not getting the result you are seeking through your media, social media or marketing efforts. How do you craft the perfect message to reach your audience and build your brand?

Through 1-on-1 or group coaching, with customized training for your team, or as a workshop faciliator utilizing my proven communications curriculum, I have the answers to all of your communication issues and the strategies to grow your confidence as an effective communicator. Follow TheCommGuru on all social media and receive regular communication nuggets applicable to your business, personal, and intrapersonal relationships. Do not settle for the limited ability of others to communicate effectively. You can be that powerful communicator, able to achieve the results you desire. TheCommGurucan help.​​

Radio One, Inc.
My Promo Voice
The Les Brown Institute
People for Change
Cesar Chavez Public Charter School
Maya Angelou Young Adult Learning Center
InnerCity Broadcasting
XM Satellite Radio
World Harvest Communications
Connecticut School of Broadcasting
Bowie State University
Prince George's Community College

Marquette University; M.A.
Bowie State University, B.A.
Coalition on Adult Basic Education 
Les Brown Maximum Achievement Team; Founding Member
National Association of Minority Broadcasters


Our Social Media Training will give you a clear overview of the subject. It will concentrate firmly on the social media relevant to your organisation which is helpful for managing online reputations. The Social Media Courses can advise on strategy, community building and using social media as a tool in a crisis situation.In a world where digital content is king, we can help with finding and managing content. This can include practical podcast training, video and vodcast skills; ideas, filming, editing and broadcasting. Or you might want to discover how to write a great blog post, how to master Twitter and LinkedIn. From the theory side through to the practical application, our Social Media Training workshops are all tailored to suit your individual needs.

Social Media Training Benefits

Demystifying social media for your business
Gaining insight and advice from a specialist consultant
Developing a clear and coherent social media strategy
Understanding best practice for your organisation

Social Media Training Components

Developing a social media marketing strategy
Consulting on how to build an online community
Guarding and managing your online reputation
Utilising social media as a tool in a crisis situation
Learning how to use important social media channels
Developing content for the web
Mastering practical podcast skillsType your paragraph here.

Denise Hill

Motivational Speaker

Communication Coach

Speaker Trainer